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Top 10 HRMS Solution Companies - 2017

To an enterprise, the concept of modern day human resource management (HRM) is not nascent. Even as early as the 70s, ingenious methodologies were in place to tackle some of the more rudimentary aspects of HR like payroll, attendance and workforce management. The path to digitalization then, albeit slow, was steady and inevitable, leading HRM to what it is today—a multi-billion dollar practice, enabling improvement in traditional processes and enhancing planned decision making, to cater to employers’ unique strategic objectives.

Already a core-industry adoption, the HR management software market is forecast to reach $9.2 billion by 2020—the companies that seek to jump on its bandwagon aim to optimize existing best practices. Touch points today have evolved to address challenges in areas of administration, performance management, recruitment, learning management and employee engagement to name a few. To say that the technology has caught up is an understatement in itself. The future in HRMS looks to do away with manual processes altogether, with objectives to reinvent capacity, boost efficiency, employ more personalized and candidate-centric recruiting, streamline interfaces, and automate processes which are currently performed manually.

The purview for consideration is plain and HR Tech Outlook is elated to present the “Top 10 HRMS Solution Providers 2017”, to symptomatically isolate and target the unique disruptions in the human resource management landscape.

Top HRMS Solution Companies

Offers cutting-edge HR administration and benefits program for mid-sized employers

Brilent combines AI and big data with a company’s applicant tracking system to help automate candidate prospecting

Offers onboarding and pre-employment background screening solutions for positive candidate experience

Focused on finding innovative ways to meet the client’s administrative outsourcing needs by offering a portfolio of HR services

Delivers a background screening solution that is highly compliant and ensures a fair, transparent and comprehensive hiring process

Delivers an online tool for 360 feedback surveys that is flexible, customizable, comprehensive, and easy to use regardless of organizational size

Delivers all the necessary elements of HRM functions in one simple, unified platform

Immersive learning platform focused on sustaining and embedding new or existing learning content using simulations

MentorcliQ drives employee engagement, development, and retention with technology that supports intentional mentoring programs

Delivers talent engagement technologies that harness the power of branded conversation to usher in a paradigm shift in recruiting