Torch LMS: Workforce Empowerment with Intuitive Learning

Jake White, Founder & CEO, Torch LMSJake White, Founder & CEO
It was a decade-long stint as the leader of a training and development department where Jake White, founder and CEO of Torch LMS, came across inadequacies in learning management systems (LMS). To overcome those limitations, White brainstormed new ideas to bring forth a unique functionality in learning management technology. The areas of concern happen to be support and reporting, where a lot of LMS users are really dissatisfied. A majority of them find themselves having to run multiple reports, export that reporting data to Excel, and merge all of that data to make the ultimate reporting metrics meaningful.

White designed Torch LMS as the model LMS platform aimed at addressing the market shortcomings. The product’s extremely modern and intuitive user interface with direct and simple to understand terminology allows both learners and administrators to effortlessly navigate through the system. “Torch LMS’s graphical system makes data easily accessible with countless options for sorting and filtering, giving actionable data that relieves users of the long process of massaging data in Excel,” explains White.

Their powerful automation is really second to none. With regard to automation, there’s a lot of customer dissatisfaction because not every LMS accommodates well to individual use cases of each client. Torch LMS resolves this pain point with the addition of unique settings and automation features to their system, which needs to be set up just once.

Torch LMS’s system has a setting that saves the user from repeating any assignment and enables them to fulfill their overall assignment series. In another instance, if an employee gets promoted, as soon as that change takes effect in the HR system, it gets automatically updated in the Torch LMS system.
As a result, the new training that is apt for their new job role gets assigned to the individual.

With night-and-day support, Torch LMS’s product experts are privy to each one of their customer’s accounts. “Our support is top-tier without charging a top-tier price,” mentions White.

What further sets the company apart is the phenomenal success Torch LMS had with its mobile responsive system in satisfying the mobile needs of the retail and construction industries. With Torch LMS, users can simply get to the website through a mobile browser, which removes the hassle of an extra app, and customers have an optimal experience regardless of the device they’re on. Furthermore, in the retail and construction industries, Torch LMS has some powerful functionality for supervisors to routinely supervise the training of their people through a simple dashboard with impressive configurability around administrative roles in the system.

Our support is top-tier without charging a top-tier price

A specific use case that highlights Torch LMS’s distinctive functionalities involves one of the world’s largest automakers. They had hundreds of dealerships and needed non-employees—dealership staff—to be able to log in to the systems and take the appropriate training in order to drive sales. Torch LMS ensured that each dealership had a management team that got scheduled reports and were able to gauge at a glance exactly how everyone is performing with their required training. The company worked collaboratively with the automaker toward their mutual success and equipped the people with the sales skills necessary to forge ahead in a highly competitive market.

Torch LMS plans to make future enhancements related to their four core areas: support, reporting, usability, and automation. After garnering a loyal customer base in North America and expanding into Australia and the UK, Torch LMS’s enterprise-grade system is set up for global expansion with unique multi-language functionality built to serve the global audience.