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Jaimin Shah, CEO, ZKTecoJaimin Shah, CEO
ZKTeco, a promising manufacturer of biometric time clocks, has two sides of the business in their workforce management division in North America. On one hand, they develop superior quality hardware such as Biometric or proximity time clocks that enable attendance, workforce and HR management software partners to integrate their software with ZKTeco’s hardware. On the other side, the company has built cloud-based middleware software specifically for customers in Workday, a global Human Capital Management (HCM) provider and workforce management software partners. “We can seamlessly integrate our cloud-based middleware software not only with Workday but also with any other HCM software developer,” points out Jaimin Shah, CEO of ZKTeco – Workforce Management Division.

ZKTeco’s customers can use their solution in three different ways. Primarily, Workforce Management software partners use ZKTeco’s hardware platform such as Linux or Android time clock application on which software partners can build their own applications and do the integration by themselves. Secondly, the company offers its terminals with Linux or Android terminal application along with development tools to integrate with its time attendance host application. The third option takes advantage of ZKTeco’s CirrusDCS middleware services for terminal management and bi-directional employee, time and labor data transfer to its time and attendance application.

ZKTeco has its own fully integrated manufacturing and R&D facility which enables them to control all functions of the manufacturing process under one roof, including product design, injection molding, manufacturing, component assembly, SMT, optics, research & development, logistics and shipping; ensuring rapid turnaround times and consistent availability.
ZKTeco can produce in large volumes, driving economies of scale, favorable vendor relationships, and strong component purchasing power, which provides full control of “end of life” scenarios and the ability to ensure multi-year product life expectancy.

Recently, ZKTeco released their latest data collection terminal - Ultima, which is available on Android and Linux platforms. Ultima is a powerful, feature-rich, flexible and easy to use workforce management terminal, available with many options like PoE, battery backup, multi-technology card reader& multiple biometric reader options that go beyond time and attendance. Besides Ultima, ZKTeco offers a wide array of fingerprint and facial biometric terminals and options that work with any industry application and meet any business requirement. ZKTeco also provides TimeTrack, a data collection application for the Android platform that provides their partners and customers with the features they need for accurate, real-time collection of data and rich self-service functionality. “We provide our partners with the essential tools and customize our products tailored to them so that they can offer unique products to the customers and market they serve,” remarks Shah.

Accredited as a certified Workday software partner, ZKTeco offers CirrusDCS, an automated, accurate, and efficient data collection software specifically built for and integrated with Workday Time Tracking. The cloud based CirrusDCS automates and validates workforce data collected from a variety of time clocks designed to suit unique needs of any company and industry. An important differentiating factor of ZKTeco is that it offers great quality hardware and a lifetime warranty on their products for Workday customers. Shah adds, “Our goal through CirrusDCS Data Collection Service is to lower upfront cost, creating a rapid return on investment and to lower the operating cost for Workday end customer using time tracking module”.

With over 20 years serving more than 500 satisfied partners across the globe, ZKTeco has developed extensive knowledge of the entire data collection process.“With our modular approach, companies can deploy the combination of hardware, software, and solutions that best meets their needs, we don’t just sell terminals – we offer development tools and services for every stage of the data collection process. We can provide anything that our partners need to complete their time and attendance or workforce management solutions offering. We have the flexibility, the knowledge, and the design and production capabilities to meet any requirements,” says Shah.
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Jaimin Shah, CEO

ZKTeco's deep expertise in hardware, software, and integration processes, combined with innovative product design and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, gives their industry partners the economic advantages they need along with the most cost-effective, enterprise-class, and high-quality product data collection solutions to their customers. As a Workday Certified partner, ZKTeco has completed Workday Time Tracking installations covering a large range of business sizes and types, applying applicable labor laws, and implementing direct end-user feature requirements. ZKTeco supports many different end user and business activity scenarios, including customized business features for any industry and technical design support for partners interested in developing their own time-clock-based applications