Qwalify: Humanizing the Talent Acquisition Experience

Phil Noelting, CEO, QwalifyPhil Noelting, CEO
Welcome to the talent-driven economy.

According to Qwalify, gone are the days where top candidates were willing to jump through countless hoops to apply for a job. “Today, these top candidates aren’t even looking at most job-based emails or postings,” says Phil Noelting, CEO of Qwalify.

Noelting sees the talent world in a more human way, one that is holistic and relationship-focused, not transactional and process-driven. Qwalify is redefining the relationship between companies, candidates and customers, with the belief that “a company’s employer brand and consumer brand are one and the same, the experience must be aligned or you simply won’t get top results”.

Qwalify has worked with thousands of talent acquisition leaders and teams and has closely observed the common problems that plague the industry today. Unfortunately teams are forced to be transactional as their focus is on administrative tasks rather than spending quality time with top prospects. According to Noelting, “Talent Acquisition teams are the gatekeepers to great companies; their time should not be spent doing mindless data entry tasks.” Qwalify believes in incorporating a better ‘top of funnel’ approach, one that humanizes interactions, builds meaningful connections, and offers exponential results.

Noelting deftly outlines Qwalify’s approach, which “focuses on conversation as the great equalizer, and reduces the hurdles required for prospects to introduce themselves and willingly engage”. As such, Qwalify architects engaging, brand-building experiences that automatically generate a profile for each prospect, filled with robust insights that are then sent to a client’s ATS or CRM when the right talent fit is identified. This helps companies activate their employer brand, while providing their recruiters with pre-vetted candidates within the current process, and eliminating the data entry requirements altogether.

Talent Acquisition teams are the gatekeepers to great companies; their time should not be spent doing mindless data entry tasks

Through rich dashboards, companies can clearly see where the best prospects are coming from and can proactively manage their talent strategies, time, and resources.

Furthermore, Qwalify’s results-oriented approach translates into an extensive experience with industry-leading brands in retail, hospitality and business services, powering their talent communities. For instance, a global banking firm discovered that this conversation approach not only brought about a more efficient and productive hiring process, but also generated significant new business for them through the positive experience. It’s a great example of why a company’s employer brand and their consumer brand are almost one in the same. Through Qwalify’s technology, the bank effectively combined recruitment and business development in a brandbuilding, community-driven way.

In their quest to humanize recruitment, Qwalify has also seen opportunities in supporting university and events-based recruitment efforts. This space is currently very ‘transactional’ in Noelting’s opinion, and Qwalify offers an experience that lives beyond the in-person event. “Adding conversation to the equation allows for people to learn about the company in an interactive manner, and for companies to proactively manage their time at and after the event,” explains Noelting. “Practically, it also means less ‘no-shows’ because it isn’t just another sign up page.”

Noelting is quite excited about the changes he notices in the industry today; from large technology players like Google and Microsoft entering the space, to the widespread trend to increase focus on employer brand and place more value on transparency. The next generation of talent, for example, demands a better model where their voice can be heard and recognized in terms of their potential and alignment. When it comes to the future ahead for Qwalify, Noelting mentions that they “have plans that include global partnerships and an R&D lab to continue to pioneer in the talent relationship space.”
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Phil Noelting, CEO

Qwalify is a talent engagement company redefining the relationship between companies, customers, and prospective candidates. Creating dramatic savings and efficiencies, the company delivers a world-class candidate experience. The company talent community software is designed around the minimal intervention, rapid value creation, and fats processing principles for flexibility and scale. While automating a custom, full-cycle relationship management experience sounds like a configuration nightmare, a community can be up and running in a matter of days. Qwalify builds and powers Intelligent Talent Communities for companies looking to stand out in a world of outdated and broken job application processes that leave candidates feeling frustrated