HRWize: The Comprehensive HR Platform

Sally De Rosa, Chief HR Officer, HRWizeSally De Rosa, Chief HR Officer
Businesses across industries today realize that strategic people-management initiatives are the key to remain competitive in the global market place. This realization is moving the role of HR department from a mere recruiting group to a strategic business partner. However, this transformation is not an easy one. Sally De Rosa, the Founder of HRWize is a person who has firsthand experience of the challenges that often confront HR departments in this journey. Six years ago, while joining a small team of ten people in Diabsolut, Sally realized the need for an effective tool that can seamlessly carry out all HR functions and help her through company’s fast growth. Formed to answer these challenges, HRWize has grown by leaps and bounds, and the company is stirring a revolution in the human resource management space today through their state-of-the-art HR management platform specialized in employee’s complete lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, HRWize’s affordable cloud-based HR solution enables small and mid-sized organizations to perform their basic to complex HR functions. From recruiting and training assistance to strategic planning, performance management and valuable reporting—HRWize can carry out a wide array of tasks with just a few clicks. “We enable small businesses to centralize all the HR related functions in a single platform while eliminating spreadsheets, emails and paper documentation,” says Sally, Chief HR Officer, HRWize. These functions range from applicant tracking, time and attendance, expense and asset management to performance management, along with powerful reporting capabilities.

HRWize’s cloud-based HRM solution can act as an organization’s intranet, allowing its users—from employees, managers, and HR department—to seamlessly carry out tasks according to their roles. For employees, HRWize gives full visibility into their profile, including total compensation, performance reports, and goals, and even options to request for training. They can also request for leaves, or check for approvals through the platform.

We enable small businesses to centralize all the HR related functions in a single platform while eliminating spreadsheets, emails and paper documentation

On the other hand, the platform allows managers to view every detail of an employee. Through dashboards with in-built calendar, they can carry out simple tasks like approval of leaves, to complex ones like monitoring the employee progress. One of the most powerful features of the platform, performance management, allows managers to easily monitor and improve entire team’s performance. The competency mapping feature helps managers verify employee performance benchmarks and choose the better candidate for promotion based on the employee’s potential skills. Managers can also participate in the recruitment process. HRWize’s applicant tracking tool and recruitment feature provide managers and recruiters with full access and visibility to candidates who have applied for specific job roles. While carrying out all these tasks, HRWize also acts as an engagement platform that can facilitate social recognition and interaction between the teams.

HRWize’s proven capabilities have assisted various SMBs in successfully managing their HR administrative process for better results. For instance, one of HRWize’s clients, a forward thinking firm implemented HRWize’s performance program to carry out performance review sessions. As they progressed, the platform allowed the client to conduct review session every month, as opposed to just twice a year. With the active participation of managers and employees in the review sessions, the client was able to reduce the workforce turnover rate from 24 to 11 percent while improving their performance.

While offering a broad range of functionalities, Sally has kept HRWize surprisingly pocket-friendly for enterprises. Along with this, organizations get unlimited storage to save all policies, procedures and other documents and reports of employees in the organization. For the future, HRWize is looking to expand its internal team and growing their client base across different industries.