Grapevine Evaluations: The Easiest Way to 360 Degree Feedback

Wesley Houston, Managing Director, Grapevine EvaluationsWesley Houston, Managing Director
The earliest adoption of 360 degree feedback surveys for employee development dates back to the 50s. However, it was only in the 90s that the use of such surveys for performance evaluation, and not just employee career development, gained momentum. A number of shortcomings surfaced at the time—the inability of paper-based surveys and reports to influence administrator and participant involvement; the inaccuracy of reports due to a large number of unaccounted variables; and the inadequacy of such surveys to blend with unique organizational environments, portfolios, and subsequent needs. Branching away from the mainstream survey methods that did not resolve these issues, Grapevine created a unique market for itself by strategically tackling each of these challenges.

Grapevine delivers an online, self-serve solution for HR professionals looking to conduct 360 degree feedback evaluation in their organizations. By providing pre-designed templates that are forged by industry experts and leading HR professionals and also a provision to add one’s own questions, Grapevine’s online tool is a true multi-rater that supports 360 reviews and gives clear perspectives on the respondents’ strengths and weaknesses. The online tool provides employees and management with individual, multi-level, in-depth reports that are entirely tailored to organizational needs.

“Instead of dealing with spreadsheets that require you to manually process the data, our software automates the process and provides you with actionable data in real-time,” says Wesley Houston, Managing Director at Grapevine. The simplicity and ease-of-use offered by Grapevine encourage participation of employees as well as save valuable time for the administrators.

The entire application, from set up to roll out and analysis of reports, can be completely customized according to requirements.

Grapevine delivers an online, self-serve solution for HR professionals looking to conduct 360 degree feedback evaluation in their organizations

Grapevine’s database of questions assists first-timers in choosing from pre-designed templates which can also be modified by adding custom questions.
That way, the software also supports practitioners who have been traditionally using paper-based surveys to simplify their existing process with an intuitive and flexible online tool.

The tool allows administrators to upload raters and stakeholders in large volume surveys, or allow the employees to choose their raters with or without approval. Grapevine allows you to automate the process and schedule the launch, reminder emails and close. All communication to the employees is completely customizable to the administrator. Grapevine tracks progress and provides status reports in real-time. While streamlining the entire process for both administrators as well as participants, Grapevine can be accessed across many and all platforms and devices, including mobile adding to the flexibility and convenience. Since its cloud-based all that is required for participants and administrators is an internet connection. Grapevine offers both individual-based reports or they can also rollup into executive summary reports based on teams, departments or company wide. Administrators can take full advantage of the modular design of the reports, with the ability to turn certain pages of the report on and off, configure settings for each page and adjust the order. All reports are offered in PDF format and you export to excel to do further analysis if need be. A cloud-based software tool that is constantly improved based on customer feedback, Grapevine is set to release a facelift to its reporting capabilities in August this year. Apart from new functionalities, the company has revamped the look and feel of the reports, enhancing optimal utilization of screen space by condensing the navigation part for the user. Furthermore, Grapevine has added mobile capabilities for the participants to provide feedback on-the-go, and the tool is available in multiple languages to support a growing global footprint. “Our product includes training and technical support. But beyond that, we believe in assisting our customers in each step along the way so they can reap the full value of our platform,” summarizes Houston.