GoodHire: Transparent and Compliant Background Checks

Brian Monahan, Co-Founder, GoodHireBrian Monahan, Co-Founder
“We’re not just redefining employment screening, we’re setting a completely new standard,” says Brian Monahan, Co-Founder of GoodHire and 2017 GameChanger award winner. His statement aptly describes GoodHire’s view of a fair hiring process with background screening. A subsidiary of Inflection, a Certified B Corp, GoodHire brings transparency to the hiring process in a way that employs a co-constructive approach between employers and candidates.

Historically, employment background checks have been the worst step in the hiring process. A bad background check experience can disrupt the strong relationship employers forge with promising candidates during the interview process. Hiring policies often used background checks with a view of excluding people from the pipeline and to help companies safely navigate a complex compliance environment. In fact, background check companies continue to rely on exclusionary scare tactics, despite nationwide trends towards fair hiring, diversity, and inclusion. Additionally, compliance burdens are often only met at the federal level, with much of the nuance and complexity offloaded to employers who may not fully understand their legal responsibility. To that end, GoodHire brings a comprehensive database built on a decade’s worth of knowledge in government records, advanced technology such as machine learning and data science, and a highly knowledgeable and compliance-trained team to help hirers meet or exceed the par of fair and intelligent hiring decisions.

From the time an employer enters the candidate’s name and email address, the GoodHire platform welcomes candidates as active participants in the hiring process, allowing them to complete their information on any device of their choice. The platform automates the background check process, assessing each record against a proprietary criminal record classification system to categorize the type and severity of the record.

We’re not just redefining employment screening, we’re setting a completely new standard

The record then passes through a continually updated set of compliance filters that take into account employers’ and candidates’ locations and applies specific reporting rules at the federal, state, and municipality levels.

In cases where candidates have criminal records, GoodHire helps employers see beyond the record itself by allowing candidates to explain the offense and the reason behind their action in a unique feature called ‘Comments for Context.’ With the recent EEOC guidelines and fair hiring laws demanding an individualized assessment of candidates with criminal records, this feature helps employers attain a deeper understanding of the candidate’s background and make better and fairer hiring decisions.

Beyond the technology, GoodHire wraps background checks with the principles of mutual trust, safety, and fairness. As a result, “more than 95 percent of our top 250 customers from one year ago are still actively partnered with GoodHire today,” says Monahan. Take the case of Barkly Pets, a company that delivers pet care services through a network of pet-loving professionals. “Trust is the single greatest factor pet owners consider when they choose their pet care provider. Properly vetting our dog walkers is the first of many steps in forming that trust. We selected GoodHire as our background check solution provider since they value and honor that trust,” says Dave Comiskey, Co-Founder of Barkly Pets. “GoodHire’s simple UI and their multiple options to receive candidate consent, including their API, has been a huge time-saver for us as we’ve grown,” Comiskey adds.

Unique features like these catapulted GoodHire to HRE’s prestigious ‘Top HR Product’ last year, and more recently the 2017 Tektonic Award for innovation. The company envisions an even brighter future, that Monahan describes this way: “We’re solving for a future that respects job seekers and the companies that hire them. A future that’s fully digital, automated, and includes machine learning and other advanced technology for speed and accuracy, combined with the human intelligence required for truly fair, efficient hiring.”