CU People: A Strategic HR Resource for Organizations

Eileen Westbrook, Executive Vice President, Business Development, CU PeopleEileen Westbrook, Executive Vice President, Business Development
The evolving technology trends are placing diverse expectations on the human resources departments today. While companies desire the ability to access HR systems quickly from anywhere, employees desire mobile apps and self-service models that allow them to change their HR data when and where their busy life style allows. The environment is favorable for employers who can deliver these demands with cost effective cloud based solutions that facilitate increased flexibility, faster updates, and more innovation. Headquartered in Sugarland, TX, CU People offers an HRM technology that aligns with these trends, allowing payroll, benefit, and HR departments to remain streamlined and efficient.

CU People offers a cloud based HRM allowing for augmented outsourcing. “We create an outsourcing package that fits the needs of the culture of our client,” says Eileen Westbrook, Executive Vice President of Business Development, CU People. For instance, if a particular client has low employee turnover and rarely uses the applicant tracking component of the HRM, “we will focus on how the HRM’s other features could assist in meeting strategic goals, and adjust the overall pricing of our service delivery model accordingly,” says Eileen. The workflow module within the system allows paperless on boarding, electronic policy acknowledgments, and can even manage projects, helping all parties remain on task for project completion.

CU People’s system begins impacting HR operations as early as in the recruiting process. The applicant tracking portal allows applicants to apply online for a job, update their profiles, and post their resume. An HR administrator can order background check and even drug screening as a part of the pre-employment process. Once hired, the applicant is on-boarded through the system, transitioning into an active employee in the employer’s HRM.

We create an outsourcing package that fits the needs of the culture of our client

Employees can then clock in/ out, request time off, and also enroll in their benefits online through the system. “Our system allows for online document retention, serves as a customizable outlet for a company to post valuable information to employees via their home page,” says Eileen.

The innovative features of CU People’s HRM relieve organizations— that often have an average of 3-5 systems in their HR department—from the hurdles of repetitive data entry and multiple system maintenance. “Our HRM allows for the flow of data throughout the entire system. All data housed in the HRM is fed directly into the payroll component allowing the HR department to gain time needed to focus on being more strategic and transformational as opposed to administrative and transactional,” adds Eileen.

For one of their client that was struggling to manage their employees’ 15-20 documents during new hire orientation, CU people made all the information in electronic format, allowing the employees to e-sign each document. What’s more, instead of thumbing through 6-7 benefit enrollment forms, CU People offered the ability to watch a video outlining the employer’s benefits offerings, followed by the option to enroll in each product offered by the employer electronically. This helped the client to create efficiencies from the very beginning of the employment life cycle.

CU People also caters to their client’s administrative outsourcing needs by offering a full portfolio of HR consultation services and benefit administrative services. While launching continuous enhancements to their product in every quarter, the company’s current focus is on enhancing their system’s user interface, developing the performance management component, creating visually impaired accessibility options for the employee portal and improving the electronic document functionality. “We are extremely hands-on with our client base—building out the HRM and processes alongside the client—never expecting the client to follow step by step guides on how to do it themselves,” says Eileen. It is this commitment to service that truly sets CU People apart today.