Brilent: Harnessing the Power of AI in Hiring

Garry Ma, CEO, BrilentGarry Ma, CEO
Finding good talent is hard. Human resource (HR) management lacks advanced toolsets and covets smarter solutions to solve inefficiencies in talent management. Garry Ma, previously a leading data scientist for Facebook, aspired to make the hiring process more transparent and simpler. Ma, now CEO of Brilent, turned the idea into reality. He and his team of technology and HCM leaders from Facebook, Microsoft, and Oracle developed Brilent to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in a revolutionary platform that can automatically recommend the right person for the right job.

In a corporate environment where most recruiters rely on junior sources to screen and shortlist resumes, candidate fit is often misjudged. Many applicant tracking systems (ATS), candidate relationship management (CRM) systems, social networks, and job boards are outdated in their approach for helping recruiters evaluate talent fit.

“Understanding people’s professional backgrounds, career trajectories, fit within organizations, and evolving needs are challenging for recruiters and almost impossible for traditional search software,” states Ma. “But the intersection of these elements is Brilent’s sweet spot.”

Brilent employs AI and big data with proven talent solutions to help recruiters automate much of the candidate screening process. Brilent is not trying to replace recruiters but rather augment their ability to identify high-fit candidates and ultimately close them—quickly and easily. Brilent’s AI continuously sorts through billions of data points on candidates and employers alike to evaluate candidate to job fit based on candidate qualification, availability, and interest for particular roles. Brilent then surfaces the most relevant candidates to recruiters for evaluation and prioritization.

Brilent integrates with a company’s ATS and CRM to automatically match candidates according to job specifications.

Brilent employs AI and big data with proven talent solutions to help recruiters automate much of the candidate screening process

By successfully infusing AI into one of the most painstaking areas of talent acquisition—candidate prospecting—Brilent significantly streamlines recruitment.

Leveraging a tool like Brilent can be more than simply an effective tactic; it also shines as part of a company’s larger strategy to be equipped for ongoing talent needs. Mark Reid, CRO at Brilent (previously VP of HCM Sales, Oracle), says, “Hiring managers are expected to stay prepared at all times to combat any exigency situation and Brilent provides the right technology to assist them.” Reid, also an avid sailor, illustrates from his sailing ventures the importance of devising an HR strategy with foresight. Reid often takes his boat on exhilarating voyages, sometimes amidst challenging weather conditions. “Sudden changes in weather conditions on the ocean call for a contingency plan to continue sailing strongly; businesses, too, should constantly monitor company requirements and stay prepared for the next hire,” he explains.

Chris Scowden, VP and General Manager RPO, AMN Healthcare became a champion after signing up for Brilent this year. AMN is the largest healthcare staffing company in North America. “After doing extensive research and testing of new recruiting technologies, Brilent stood out in the accuracy and quality of their candidate recommendation engine. We are able to automate the database sourcing efforts across 1000s of orders. What used to be a manual task that took hundreds of man hours, we can now do in minutes,” stated Scowden. “The quality of matches is top notch, exceeding what our best recruiters can do. This allows our recruiters to spend more time focused on quality conversations with highly qualified candidates rather than endlessly searching databases. The best part is, Brilent helps us cleanse, consolidate, and keep our massive candidate database up to date.”

“This is just the beginning,” says Ma. One exciting new feature Brilent’s clients can’t wait to use allows them to automatically find candidates that are similar to their current top performing employees.

The future of recruiting is here, and Brilent has the success to prove it.