Social media is a game changer for hiring the best talent just as social selling is the best way to do business today!

By Sophie Huss, Global Director of Digital HR: Employer Brand, Talent Acquisition, HRIS, Digital Learning, Digital Workplace, Arkadin

Sophie Huss, Global Director of Digital HR: Employer Brand, Talent Acquisition, HRIS, Digital Learning, Digital Workplace, Arkadin

Selling has always been social: the exchange of goods or services for currency has been a person-to-person business since bartering was invented. But with the rise of social media, social selling – selling by leveraging the power of social media networks – has become the surest and fastest way to achieve your sales goals. In fact, up to 85 percent of top salespeople value social selling as a key factor in their success, according to LinkedIn.

Social hiring means tapping into social media sites to recruit and hire people. According to a Career Arc study, 91 percent of employers use social media as part of their recruitment strategies.

Both social selling and social hiring involve finding desirable customers– and candidates – through social media channels, engaging with them, and providing them with value by offering pertinent content and by developing personal relationships based on mutual trust.

While the definition of Social Selling and Social Hiring is the same, their target audiences are not: In social selling, salespeople interact with prospects via social media “until the prospect is ready to buy.” In social hiring,recruiters interact with candidates via social media “until the candidate is ready to apply for a job.”

Social media reaches targets right where they are, less intrusively and more efficiently

Today’s customers and candidates don’t want to get calls from tele-marketers in the middle of dinner. The success rate of cold calls to appointments is only 0.3percent, according to 2018 Super Office statistics. People are tired of hard-sell tactics. The Millennial generation was born with smartphones in their hands and they check their social networks all day long…

So that’s obviously the place to reach them(and Generation Z too, now entering the workforce): Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. Contacting clients or candidates via social media is an obvious win-win. People visit their social media accounts whenever they want to, and when they do, your message is right there, waiting for them. And thanks to the wealth of personal information about your prospects and candidates available on LinkedIn and other social networks, you can customize your message or create relevant content that corresponds to their industry sector or job role easily, positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.

So instead of merely talking about products and prices, or jobs and CVs, you can elevate the discussion and more easily initiate a meaningful conversation – which is the best way to begin a relationship.

"Social selling and social hiring aren’t simply new trends or buzzwords: they’re the way of doing better business and recruiting the best talent today."

Social selling and hiring use the same techniques to get incredibly high ROI

The cost of creating a strong social media presence can be amazingly low, while the returns can be immensely rewarding. Whether you’re selling or recruiting, social media platforms can not only reduce your expenses but get you to your goals faster. Consider these facts about social selling:

• LinkedIn shows that 90 percent of top performing salespeople use social media as part of their sales strategy.

• Social sellers hit their quotas 66 percent more often than those who don’t use social media. (Jim Keenan Study)

• 84 percent of C-Level execs and 75 percent of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions. (Social Buying Meets Social Selling)

When it comes to social hiring, social media beats job boards hands down: even with ads posted in multiple locations, they still only attract active job hunters; they don’t reach the vast majority of potential candidates who aren’t actively looking for jobs but who might be open to a new opportunity.

Here are a few facts about social hiring today:

• 79 percent of job seekers look for job postings on social media(source: Glassdoor)

• 94 percent of recruiters now use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more to find talent(source: Your Workplace)

• 73 percent of 18 to 34-year olds found their last job through a social network (source: Your Workplace)

Clearly,every business needs a social media presence to succeed in our digital world.

Moreover, because more than 80 percent of consumers(according to Nielsen) purchase a product based on recommendations from someone they know, tapping into these rich social networks can spread“word-of-mouth” digitally far beyond any one company’s reach.

That’s why, at Arkadin, we launched a new employee advocacy program with a double objective. We incentivized our employees to share both job vacancies and social news through a single digital platform in “one click” to their personal social networks. By using the power of social media to be Arkadin brand ambassadors, they increase the probability of closing business deals and recruiting talent faster – and they’re rewarded for doing it!

Social media content management is the future of successful selling and hiring

Your company won’t simply emerge fully-formed from the ocean of competition and be successful with just your website. It’s essential that you also create positive client and candidate experiences via social media, and if your targets like your videos, posts, and thought pieces, then people might visit your corporate and careers websites to learn more about you.

You must be present on LinkedIn with serious, meaningful information about your company. You should also have a Facebook page where you can share fun and inspiring stories about your people and culture, with an inviting “behind the scenes” feel. And if Millennials and Gen Z are part of your target, Instagram is a must-have too: Hootsuite says there are 540 million people under 35 now using this social site. Instagram is a potential employer branding gold mine and game changer for both selling and recruiting. Its format is unparalleled for creating compelling multimedia content.

Social selling and hiring require you to be both a marketer and brand ambassador. That’s why traditional sales and recruiting cycles are getting shorter: the entry phase is now being led by creating and managing social media content to engage and nurture prospects and candidates digitally, turning them from warm to hot prospects for your product,service –and/or job!

In today’s competitive world, it’s harder than ever for companies to capture the attention of customers and candidates, build relationships with them, and create and sustain brand loyalty. Relationships have always been at the core of selling and recruiting; social media content management opens the door to powerful new ways to directly connect with people and create emotional interaction. Social selling and social hiring aren’t simply new trends or buzzwords: they’re the way of doing better business and recruiting the best talent today!

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